Thursday, August 25, 2011

Singapore Toy Games Comic Convention 2011

Went to Singapore for 3 days (20-22 Aug). The event was on 20-21 Aug.

Its my first time there. Well, i could say nothing much to see. My aim was Play Imaginative which we don't have it here in Malaysia. I've snap few photos... cos too lazy to snap and too long didn't touch the DSLR... =D

Let's see some snapshots... =)

Mini starwars...


6.5 inch Mickey Mouse...

a range of spongebob square pants...

chinese zodiac figure by Joe Ledbetter...

devilrobots creater... =)

Lastly, my shopping spree in Singapore... =)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The National Musuem

It has been years since my last visit to the national musuem. As I remember, the musuem doesnt look as good as today or as advanced as what we see in the musuem today. There are four gallery in the museum. The galleries basically introducing Malaysia's history starting from the Paleolithic age till today.

Malaysia have been through stages to form a country by itself today. Leaders and Rulers of Malaysia been through different difficulties and challenges to form this country. It is interesting to see and learn how Malaysia government and citizens go through the difficult times. For example, during the Japanese Colonial.

Things that catches my attention in the musuem is the currency and money they use during early century and the changes in shape, material and value of Malayan currency. Its really interesting where in the early century, they only barter trade, and slowly introducing coin made of silver, gold and copper. There are also money in the shapes of animals and plants. And finally, the paper money was introduced. Its really an "eye opening" to see big piece of paper money with small value. Unlike today, the smaller the value the smaller the piece of money. That shows how the economic were back then.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

strategic brief

Project Definition

  • The project is to redesign a commercial website.
  • To redesign Krispy Kreme's website.
  • To improve the interface design and better site navigation

Current Site’s Analysis Goals

  • To look at the Krispy Kreme’s history, doughnuts menu, latest news and privacy policy page
  • Another away to show the doughnuts menu instead of using flash
  • Better view of news banner
  • Bigger space for content
  • Gives a better typ treatment

Client’s Analysis

  • Doughnuts shop (glazed doughnuts and served warm)
  • First shop was in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA in 1937
  • When the hot light is on, we are making hot original glazed doughnuts!

Short & Long-term Site Goals

  • Increase the business value by putting up promotions
  • Highlights of the month
  • Introducing new recipe (doughnut)

Target Audience

  • Family
  • Youngsters / teenagers
  • Adults
  • Children

Competitor Analysis

  • More interactive navigation
  • Focus on their promotional item
  • Selling their services

Idea & Concept Implementation

They have their own identity colour which is hallmark green, white and red. They also have their identity pattern which is the dotted green on white background. The identity colour and pattern will remain the same.

Will put the latest news and sneak peak of each section as a shortcut on the main page. Doughnuts section will not be in flash and better type treatment on privacy policy page because of the overloaded info. Bigger space for content but will remain the concept of no scrolling.

site content structure

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

url of design tutorial